Make Sure It's Branded!
Look For The Brand Before You Buy

Before you purchase your indoor our outdoor rustic log furniture, make sure that it has the Moon Valley brand. Authentic Moon Valley furniture is branded with the Moon Valley logo to let you know that it meets the quality standards of our company.

Where Is The Brand?

We brand each furniture design in the same place, so all chairs and swings are branded on the right arm, while all picnic tables are branded on an underlying beam, etc. These images show you where to find the brand on a few of our products. If you are looking to purchase Moon Valley furniture and are having trouble locating the brand on the product, please ask your salesman for help, or contact us.

Why Is It Branded?

The brand on our furniture is not just for looks! We brand all of our indoor and outdoor furniture as a way to communicate to our customers that their purchase is certified by Moon Valley. Other brands may look like Moon Valley, and the sales person may even tell you that it is Moon Valley, but if it doesn’t have the brand, it is NOT Moon Valley Furniture!

How Is Moon Valley Furniture Different?

While other brands seem similar, at Moon Valley we manufacture furniture at a higher quality standard than other brands. Our furniture is designed with strict specifications to ensure that it will remain sturdy and beautiful for many, many years. Unfortunately, we do receive calls about broken furniture that is not authentically Moon Valley, and there is nothing that we can do in the situation of a broken Moon Valley knock-off. So, please look for the brand before you buy!